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School Projects - Quick quizzes - Alan Yate


Alan YateThese School Projects could be used as lesson starters, they are provided by Alan Yate who was formerly Head of Science at Chesterton Community College, Cambridge, UK. The answers to these KS3 projects can mainly be found in the Earth and Beyond section of Sun|trek.


Spinning and orbiting Earth


KS3 – a solar system crossword
Questions | Answers

The Moon's phases


KS3 – some properties of the Moon
Questions | Answers

The Moon's vital statistics


KS3 – some interesting facts about the Moon
Questions | Answers

What causes the seasons?


KS3 – explore why we have seasons here in the UK

Season 1

Questions | Answers

Season 2

Questions | Answers

Season 3
Questions | Answers

What is a lunar eclipse?


KS3 – explore lunar eclipses

Lunar eclipse 1

Questions | Answers

Lunar eclipse 2
Questions | Answers



KS3 – atoms: protons, neutrons and electrons. More advanced information on atoms, ions and spectra suitable for KS4 can be found in the Sun|trek section Hot Solar Atmosphere: Solar fingerprints
Questions | Answers

Solar Eclipse


KS3 – what happens during a solar eclipse? See the Sun|trek section Hot Solar Atmosphere: Solar Eclipses for more information.
Questions | Answers

Light and waves


KS3 – electromagnetic radiation.
Questions | Answers



KS3 – a sound crossword. More information on waves can be found in the Sun|trek sections Hot Solar Atmosphere: waves and Solar Surface and Below: Beneath the Surface .
Questions | Answers

The Sun


KS3 – different parts of the Sun’s structure.
Questions | Answers


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