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School Projects - Projects for Schools using REAL Solar Data


A set of new projects for Schools using REAL Solar Data by Helen Mason & Miriam Chaplin


Each of these projects Projects for Schools Using Real Solar Data

  • is intended for work with KS4 students. (KS4 = Ages 14-16)

  • uses and/or links to REAL solar space data

  • provides a context for consideration of ’How Science Works’ aspects such as data handling, calibration and resolution

  • consists of two or more student activities, with separate supporting notes (and sample answers) for teachers.

  • is linked to pages on the Sun|trek website (

Download the complete project booklet (PDF 32 pages)


Download the Introduction and Acknowledgements (PDF)

Download the Projects for Schools Using REAL Solar Data front cover (PDF)


Detailed curriculum links are also provided here (PDF) for the latest curriculum document for first teaching in 2016, covering physics, chemistry and maths skills.


We'd love to get feedback on these projects, especially from teachers.

Please use the Contact Us page to send us your comments.



Solar Images and Data


Picking out details

Solar Images and Data-SA1 PDF

Solar Images and Data-SA1 Word

Handling faint and bright images

Solar Images and Data-SA2 PDF

Solar Images and Data-SA2 Word

Handling data from the Solar Dynamic Observatory

Solar Images and Data-SA3 PDF

Solar Images and Data-SA3 Word

Solar Images and Data - Teachers Notes PDF

Solar Images and Data - Teachers Notes Word

Space Weather Effects


Space weather effects on a solar telescope

Space Weather Effects-SA1 PDF

Space Weather Effects-SA1 Word

Space weather and dodgy data

Space Weather Effects-SA2 PDF

Space Weather Effects-SA2 Word

Space Weather Effects - Teachers Notes PDF

Space Weather Effects - Teachers Notes Word




Spectra: a tale of two elements

Spectra-SA1 PDF

Spectra-SA1 Word


Spectra: solar fingerprints

Spectra -SA2 PDF

Spectra-SA2 Word


Spectra - Teachers Notes PDF

Spectra - Teachers Notes Word


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