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Sun|trek a quick tour


Sun|trek follows a journey to learn more about the Sun, our star. The journey starts at the central core of the Sun and takes us to the far reaches of the solar system.

The journey is easy to follow because the menu options will tell the story step by step. By the end of your journey we hope you'll be able to see how it all fits together.


Take a look at the Sun|trek latest section: Hinode


Your Sun|trek adventures start here!
[Image of the eight main sections to Sun|trek - Click to go to Sun|trek adventures]

Meet our solar guides:

The people who visit the Sun everyday but who also explore the universe to find out more.

Useful Links though to some other educational resources

[I don't know where to go! Click here and we'll take you on our quick tour]

Find out more in our factary

Image of an ant sitting on a spinning globe SECRET WINDOWS? Mouseover the pictures just in case!
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A gallery of our best Sun|trek movies and images

Classroom Resources
Useful teaching resources

School Projects
Classroom activities plus lesson links

[Solar surface & below] [Hot solar atmosphere] [Magnetic Sun] [Flowing from the Sun]

1. What's really happening deep in the Sun and on its surface?

2. Unlock the secrets of the Sun's atmosphere.

3. Did you know that the Sun is like a huge magnet? Find out about the chaos this can cause.

4. The Sun constantly sneezes and belches - discover the consequences of this anti-social behaviour.


[Sun-Earth connection] [Solar spacecraft] [Earth & beyond] [The Sun as a Star]

5. Our Earth is in the Sun's firing line. Find out about the effects this has on us.

6. Find out what's it's like to be an astronaut and discover how we study the Sun from space.

7.Our planet is amazing - and so are the planets that share this part of space with us. Find out more!

8. The Sun plays a huge part in our lives, but how does it rate as a star?



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