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Classroom Resources


Welcome to our section on classroom resources where you will find some
helpful tips and ideas from teachers and educators.


There are also informative posters which can be downloaded. Other resources are available on request to the Sun|trek team.


If you would like any solar CDs, handouts, Sun|trek pens or posters then please contact us.

If you have any ideas which you would like to share with other teachers and educators, please let us know.


Helen Mason OBE  

Our Dynamic Sun


Helen Mason has given many public lectures about the Sun.

Watch the Royal Institution Lecture and find out more.

Whole lecture: 

Dowload the *PDF*

Interview with Helen Mason


Classroom Resources

New Resources

Find new resources on our iSun|trek website


Curriculum links

Sun|trek's content and resources link closley with the school curriculum.

Ideas for school activities

Here are some ideas for school activites which relates to the Sun|trek sections.

Observing the Sun safely

How to safely observe the Sun with a small telescope.

Global connections

Schools around the World using Sun|trek. - coming soon.

Resources and posters

Download resources and posters.



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