Sunspots and Climate Change

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It was exceptionally cold in Europe in February 2012, with temperatures in England dropping to -16°C.  That’s colder than some parts of Antarctica (well it is summer down… Read More »


RHESSI Solar Observatory

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by Hazel Bain What is RHESSI?   The Sun has recently been getting very active again, and there have been several X-class solar flares.  The Reuven Ramaty High… Read More »

Transit of Venus Feature

The Transit of Venus 2012

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This article was provided by Lee Macdonald. On Wednesday 6 June 2012 the planet Venus will make a rare passage in front of the Sun as seen from Earth…. Read More »

Bjorn Jorgensen

The Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis

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This photo of the aurora was taken in Kvaløya close to Tromsø, Norway, by Bjørn Jørgensen. January 2012 provided a spectacular display of lights (aurorae) in the northern skies.   Northern lights… Read More »

the Sun today big logo - Feature

The Sun Today

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The Sun Today facebooksite ( is full of interesting facts and figures about the Sun. It is produced by a young,dynamic duo: C. Alex Young and Ryan Milligan…. Read More »


Our Explosive Sun

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Our Explosive Sun - A Visual Feast of Our Source of Light and Life by Pål Brekke A new popular science book about the Sun written by Pål Brekke has… Read More »

X-ray image of the Sun

SmartPhone Application

In Careers in science, Hinode, Latest News, New Resources, SDO, SOHO On January 12, 2012 Comments Off – SmartPhone Application Peter Gallagher 15 Dec 2011 Peter Gallagher  Trinity College Dublin computer scientists and solar physicists have partnered to produce a web app that allows… Read More »


Solar Dynamics Observatory, SDO

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(This post was provided by Caroline Alexander, UCLan, UK) SDO Mission Overview The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is a satellite that was launched into orbit in February 2010. SDO is… Read More »


ESA makes the Sun available to everyone

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New software developed by ESA makes available online to everyone, everywhere at anytime, the entire library of images from the SOHO solar and heliospheric observatory. JHelioviewer is new… Read More »


Hinode/XRT Education & Public Outreach DVD

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The Hinode/XRT Team has put together a DVD called the XRT Education & Public Outreach DVD. This contains information on space science careers and  building Hinode XRT, a space X-ray telescope…. Read More »