The Southern Ocean, Off Antarctica

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An Ocean without Barriers By Ewa Karczewska ‘It’s still dark. I looked at my watch. It’s only 2.30am. I can’t sleep. The ship is rolling so much. I… Read More »


Prominences and Filaments

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Prominences and Filaments (photo of a prominence by David Evans)  by Jack Carlyle Did you know that the Sun emits a lot of ultraviolet light, UV, as well as… Read More »

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Science of Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

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Science of the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis by Pål Brekke Sir Edmund Halley suggested the aurora was caused by magnetic liquid evaporating from pores in the polar region… Read More »


Northern Lights, a Magic Light Display

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Northern Lights, a Magical Light Display by Pål Brekke Folklore about the Northern Lights For thousands of years people in the northern part of the world have marvelled… Read More »


Sunspots – ‘Hot Spots’ or ‘Cool Spots’?

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Sunspots can tell us when to expect a solar flare. Join in the fun by logging on to Calling all sunspotters – your help is needed to… Read More »


Sunspots and Climate Change

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It was exceptionally cold in Europe in February 2012, with temperatures in England dropping to -16°C.  That’s colder than some parts of Antarctica (well it is summer down… Read More »


RHESSI Solar Observatory

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by Hazel Bain What is RHESSI?   The Sun has recently been getting very active again, and there have been several X-class solar flares.  The Reuven Ramaty High… Read More »

Transit of Venus Feature

The Transit of Venus 2012

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This article was provided by Lee Macdonald. On Wednesday 6 June 2012 the planet Venus will make a rare passage in front of the Sun as seen from Earth…. Read More »

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The Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

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This photo of the northern lights aurora borealis was taken in Kvaløya close to Tromsø, Norway, by Bjørn Jørgensen. January 2012 provided a spectacular display of lights (aurorae) in the northern… Read More »

the Sun today big logo - Feature

The Sun Today

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The Sun Today facebooksite ( is full of interesting facts and figures about the Sun. It is produced by a young,dynamic duo: C. Alex Young and Ryan Milligan…. Read More »