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The Sun|trek Team


Sun|trek is an educational website about the Sun, our star, and its effect on the Earth's environment. It has been produced by a team of solar research scientists, working with teachers and educators. It is closely linked to the UK school curriculum.


Multimedia developers IMDC have worked closely with the Sun|trek team to help them achieve a professional and engaging design, which both educates and captures the imagination of the teachers and students.


The Sun|trek project was originally inspired by the SunBlock99 website which was produced for the 1999 eclipse by an enthusiastic group of solar researchers and teachers.


The development of Sun|trek has been funded through a National Science and Society Award from Science & Technology Facilities Council.




IMDC ( are a specalist multi-media design and marketing consultancy
based just outside Oxford.


They have successfully designed, produced and delivered many hundreds of interactive solutions - from web sites and e-commerce through to educational and e-learning software, computer games and touchscreen systems.



Helen Mason




Helen Mason


Helen works at the University of Cambridge (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and St Edmund’s College). She studied at London University. She has worked on many solar space projects, including the SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), which has completely changed our view of the Sun. She is now working with the Hinode satellite, launched in September 2006. She enjoys working with school students, and has also worked with schools in South Africa and India.



Dave Pike


Dave Pike


Dave worked for many years at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). Dave studied at St Andrews and then worked at the Royal Greenwich Observatory. He was involved in several astronomical and solar projects, including the International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE), the YOHKOH satellite and the SOHO. Dave loves to travel, and spent many years in Spain and Japan. He has now retired from RAL and is enjoying living back in Scotland, and taking adventurous journeys in distant lands.





Robert WalshRobert Walsh





Robert works at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston in the North West of England. He has worked on many solar space projects including SOHO.


For more about Robert see his solar guides page.





Peter YoungPeter Young


Peter now works in the USA. He used to work ias project scientist for the SOHO CDS instrument and is now working on the Hinode satellite launched last September.


For more about Peter see his solar guides page.










Danielle BewsherDanielle Bewsher




Danielle works at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

She has worked on many solar projects including SOHO and now STEREO.

She enjoys working with schools and has provided some of our school projects.

For more information about Danielle, see her solar guides page.





Rosalind Mist

Ros works for the Royal Society. She used to work for Ecsite UK, and co-ordinate science activities for museums, science clubs, schools and the public.


For more about Ros, see her solar guides page.













Solar Guides


Other members of the Sun|trek team who have contributed significantly to the completion of Sun|trek include all the solar guides.




Several teachers have helped and advised us en route, these include those contributing to the Classroom Project section: Mike Cripps, Graham Coleman, Alan Yate and Nicole McKie.


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