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Useful links & resources


This section contains many other useful educational links and resources relating to the Sun, the Earth, the Solar System and astronomy in general.



SDO | Solar Dynamics Observatory


Visit the section about SDO - Solar Dynamics Observatory on the Sun|trek site


SDO NASA Website


Helio Viewer

View the Sun today, zoom in and make your own movies.






Visit the section about Hinode on the Sun|trek site


UK Hinode website


Hinode EIS UK website



National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)


National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)


IRIS, a rencent solar satelitte looking at the Sun in amazing detail


Sunspotter, citizen science project

See iSun|trek




Solar Week


Solar Week 2010


Solar Week, interact live with the scientists. Get answers to your questions about the Sun.



International year of Astronomy, 2009


International year of Astronomy, 2009




Visit the new section about STEREO on the Sun|trek site


Many UK scientists are involved with STEREO and further information can be found on the following websites:


Stereo UK


Stereo NASA



The SOHO website and educational resources










YOHKOH educational resources


YOHKOH educational resources



UK Based Resources for Schools


BBC Explore the Solar System Website


BBC Website


Millennium Maths Project (maths and science resources)





MOTIVATE projects for schools led by Helen Mason




The Sun our star
Energy: the Sun & the Earth


The Science & Technology Facilities Council also provides quite a lot of educational material and resources for schools.





Neatherd High School Astronomy website (+resources)

Many of the Sun|trek school projects have been provided by Mike Cripps, the Head of Science at Neatherd High School and Dereham Sixth Form College, Norfolk. He is a very keen astronomer, and his website is one of the best school astronomy websites in the UK, probably worldwide!


Space @ School



North and South Project
In summer 2005, a group of 10 students from Dereham Sixth Form College worked with schools in South Africa, to share their interest in astronomy and to provide resources.






Other UK Astronomy web resources


Leicester University


The Educational Guide



Royal Observatory Greenwich




Science Museum London, Exploring Space Gallery


Science Museum


British Antarctic Survey


The British Antarctic Survey’s School Zone provides lots of information for teachers and students.




Other educational resources – NASA based





Younger students can follow the adventures of Colours O'IRIS and CamillaCorona:









A brilliant NASA site for younger children.




Other interesting sites


see my sun spot website


See some incredible images of the Sun on the website by Stephen A. Ames Jr from Hogdenville, USA.


He believes that he maintains the most comprehensive daily record of solar activity out there with over 2000 solar images currently and growing everyday. There is at least one image or sketch for every day.


Maybe your site is better, if so please let the Sun|trek team know!




Site maintained by Greg Piepol, Maryland USA. Greg is an amateur solar observer. His site has lots of images and interesting information.


The fantastic images of the Universe captured by humanity’s fleet of ground and space-based telescopes


List of additional resources suggested by Kelly Graves and kids at the Morrow Community Centre.


Morrow Comunnity Centre


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