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School Projects - Sun Earth - Ros Mist & Lucie Green

Ros Mist

These School Projects provide a range of classroom activities for KS2 and KS3, both indoors and outdoors. They based on material in Suntrek about the Sun and the Sun Earth connection. They were produced Ros Mist and Lucie Green with advice from teachers.

They were produced for the International Heliophysical Year.

You can find out more at

Lucie Green

Keeping Safe in the Sun


This School Project is aimed at younger students, (KS2 KS3) to investigate the effects of ultraviolet radiation from the Sun and to make them aware of the dangers of too much exposure to Sunlight. This fun project uses beads which are UV sensitive.
Teachers' Notes

Sun spotting


This School Project explores how the number of Sunspots on the Sun changes over time (This is called the Solar Activity Cycle). This project is suitable for KS2 and KS3. Galileo was one of the first astronomers to study sunspots.
Teachers' Notes | Sun spotting data

Space storms


This School Project uses real data from a space satellite called ACE to track how fast a space storm is approaching the Earth. It is suitable for KS3.
Teachers' Notes | Answers

Spotting magnetic storms


This School Project explores magnetism, the Earth's magnetic field and how this changes its shape because of the solar wind. It shows how to build a magnetic storm spotter. It is suitable for KS3.
Teachers' Notes





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