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the Sun as a star

Giulio The Sun plays a huge part in our lives. Night and day depend on whether the Sun is visible in the sky or not and our seasons change as the Earth orbits the Sun. But is the Sun special in any other ways? Follow us, Giulio and Susanna, as we take you on a journey to find out a bit more about the Sun and its place in the Universe.



Starfield image courtesy of the National
Optical Astronomy Observatory


Both of us come from Florence, Italy, where Galileo lived and worked. He was the first astronomer to turn his telescope to the Moon, planets and stars. In fact, you can see Galileo's telescope (made of wood and leather) in the museum in Florence, together with one of his fingers (yeeuuukkk)!

Sias gal finger

We will see that, as stars go, the Sun really is a pretty ordinary star - like many of the stars in this photograph. What makes it so special and different from other stars is that it is so much closer to Earth than any other star. The Sun is literally in our own astronomical back-garden and so can give us the light and heat needed for advanced life on Earth.




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