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solar wind

Hi, I'm Tim and I'm interested in the solar wind, that stream of high-speed, charged particles blowing from the Sun and on out into space.


Jude explains in his section how the Sun produces the solar wind, which is mostly made of protons and electrons and is blowing away from the Sun at a few million kilometres per hour. How fast is that? It's like going from London to Edinburgh in about one second.


Once they leave the Sun, the particles that make up the solar wind have a very long journey ahead of let’s get started.

Photo of Tim

How come I ended up studying the solar wind?


This a dream job, but I never really planned it. It just happened. My path has been fairly random and I’ve been lucky that it worked out. So if there’s a message here for you, it’s not to worry if you don’t know what you want to do because you’re not alone. A lot of folk, like me, muddle through in the end!




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