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Clare Parnell - solar guides


Hi, my name's Clare Parnell:


Image of Clare ParnellWhere do you work?

I work in Scotland at St Andrews University. I grew up in Wiltshire and I studied maths at Cardiff University, Wales. I had three wonderful years there, when I studied during the week and climbed all weekend.


Image of some munros in ScotlandWhen I moved to Scotland, I started climbing the Munros (Scottish mountains over 3000ft). Come hail, rain or snow each weekend I would camp out in the mountains and climb. In 1994, after just 3 years, I had completed all 277 Munros! I still love climbing, but now I am married with children, so I don't have so much spare time.


Image of Clare and her daughter, Emma



Why are you interested in the Sun?

My main interest in the Sun is to explain why the solar corona is so hot, over a million degrees Celsius. I believe that solar fireflies or rather small hot energy bursts play a major part in understanding this problem. We can observe these solar features with SOHO and TRACE.


Image iof the Sun seen through TRACEWhat are your hobbies?

Mountain climbing, mountain climbing and more mountain climbing! I have climbed mountains not only in Britain, but also in Europe and America. I think that the most beautiful views in the world are always seen from mountains! I also take lots of photographs on my travels. One of the best bits about doing solar research is you get lots of opportunities to travel. On one trip to the USA, I went to Yellowstone Park. There I saw bears, bison, moose and bald eagles.


Image of Clare on a mountain topHere I am climbing in the mountains in winter, and having fun by a campfire with some friends in the summer.


Image of Clare and friends camping during the summer


Image of John Muir

Which person (living or dead) would most like to meet?


I would like to meet John Muir, a Scot, who emigrated to the USA with his parents at the age of 11. He had a great love for the countryside, in particular the mountains, and played a major role in the foundation of many national parks in America. To have the opportunity to share with him the discovery of such natural wonders as Yosemite valley, the Sierras and the Rockies would be fantastic. I really admire his drive and determination to protect these wilderness sites.


Image of Yosemite national Park in the USA


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