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Working with Hinode


Image courtesy of JAXA


Meet some of the Folk who operate Hinode and study the Hinode observations


The Hinode project involves scientists from all over the world. Until recently Hinode operations and planning has been carried out in Japan.


Each instrument has a ‘Chief Observer’, CO, responsible for planning and co-ordinating the Hinode observations. He or she must think carefully about the scientific objectives and transform these into a list of commands which are sent to the spacecraft.


The observations from all three instruments: SOT, EIS and XRT, must be co-ordinated.


This complicated process starts very early in the morning and the often the COs work late into the night.


Hinode daily planning meeting
Hinode daily planning meeting

Louise Harra

Dave Williams is the UK’s EIS Project Scientist. He has been working out in Japan since 2006, but has just returned to the UK. From now on, EIS operations will be carried out remotely, from the UK and USA as well as from Japan.


However, because of the time difference, this now means that Dave has to stay up all night when he is EIS CO!! Dave loved living and working in Japan, and was sad to leave his friends.


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Dave with his Hinode friends in Japan at his ‘farewell’ party

Dave with his Hinode friends in Japan at his ‘farewell’ party


Find out more about some of the young UK scientists who work with Hinode.


Gemma Attrill  

Gemma Attrill now works at Harvard- Smithsonian Observatory, USA. She spent three months working at Kwasan and Hida Observatories, part of Kyoto University in Japan. She is now working on a new spacecraft, the Solar Dynamics Observatory, to be launched in 2009.


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Ryan Milligan started a career as a truck driver, but now works at the Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland, USA. He loves travelling and photography. Japan is one of the many countries he has visited. Ryan is working with Hinode observations together with data from another satellite called RHESSI. He is trying to understand solar flares.


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Ryan Milligan
Clare Raftery

Claire Raftery is doing solar research at Trinity College, Dublin. She got hooked on astronomy and space observations after visits to Washington, DC and Kennedy Space Center. She is also trying to find out more about solar flares.


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Alison Wallace is also at MSSL. She has worked out in Japan, planning observations with Hinode/EIS. She says ‘it was so exciting knowing that I was sending commands up to the Hinode spacecraft. I couldn't stop pinching myself because I couldn't quite believe that I would get sent all the way to Japan to control an instrument on a spacecraft - brilliant!’


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Alison Wallace

Durgesh Tripathi


Durgesh Tripathi grew up in India, but now works at Cambridge University, UK.


He works with Hinode observations and has travelled to Japan several times.


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