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What are solar flares?



Hi, we're Sarah and Louise and we think the Sun is a real firecracker. We're interested in the Sun's really violent explosions (called solar flares) when loads of powerful X-rays are given off. Studying solar flares is great fun - from a safe distance of course! So what are solar flares? Find out in our solar flares' section.


For the latest news on solar flares visit our iSun|trek website.




See all those really bright regions on the Sun in this X-ray picture? We call these active regions and they are the places where solar flares happen.


X-ray of the Sun

Even though it might seem as if the Sun gives off a constant amount of light and heat, it actually changes a lot. Although you'd never realise it from here on Earth, there are huge solar flares happening on the Sun's surface all the time.


You can see these solar flares best in a false colour X-ray picture.

You can see more movies in our Gallery   [Movie file 1mb or more - High quality]

Take a look at this X-ray movie from the YOHKOH satellite. See how the Sun’s corona changes over a period of a few days.




Here's an X-ray movie of the Sun mouse over arrow, covering a few hours, taken by the YOHKOH spacecraft. Did you see that massive solar flare on the right? It was so big that the camera couldn't soak up all the X-rays it saw from that small area - it was overloaded - and produced that long vertical white streak in the images.


It's a good job we're 150,000,000 km away from all this activity. You wouldn't want to be close to the source of all those X-rays.




Are solar flares dangerous? Why does a solar flare erupt? Follow our trail to find out how much we know about solar flares and what more we need to know.




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