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what is British Summer Time?


The idea of having "Summer Time" (or daylight saving time) was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin in 1784, but no one seems to have taken his idea seriously. Then, in 1907, a London builder called William Willett suggested it again. He pointed out that during the summer months there were several hours of sunlight before people went to work. He thought that was a waste of good working time!


Willett reckoned that, by putting forward the time at the start of the summer, you could improve health and happiness as well as saving the country money by reducing the need for artificial light at the end of the day.


He presented his case to the British Parliament and at first was laughed at. However, in 1916, a year after he died, Britain was fighting the First World War and summer time was brought in as a wartime law to save fuel. Summer time is now used in many countries across the world, although there are still some exceptions - Japan for instance.


When does British Summer Time (BST) begin and end?


BST ends at 1 am GMT (2 am BST!) on the last Sunday in October when you subtract an hour.


In the UK, British Summer Time begins at 1am GMT on the last Sunday in March when you add an hour.


A great way of remembering whether to add or take away the extra hour is the phrase
"Spring forward -
Fall back"
that is if you can remember that "fall" is the American word for autumn.




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