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renewable energy sources


Renewable energy comes from sources which are naturally replaced or never run out (like sunlight, wind or ocean waves) or from sources which we can replace in a relatively short time, such as timber from trees.




-the wind will blow

The circulation of the Earth's atmosphere (wind) is driven by heat from the Sun and the wind's kinetic energy can be transferred into electrical energy.

-waves will be created

Ocean tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon and Sun, but waves on the sea are also caused by winds. Kinetic energy in waves can be transferred into electrical energy.


-plants will grow

The process of photosynthesis captures the energy of sunlight. We can eat fruit and vegetables created by photosynthesis and then grow more for another day.


-rivers will flow

Heat from the Sun causes water to evaporate from the oceans. This water, which falls as rain, fills the rivers and reservoirs needed by hydroelectric power stations.


-solar cells will work

Light energy from the Sun can be transferred directly into electrical energy.


Wind Power


How has the energy of the wind been captured in the past?


Windmill and Ship

Windmills: to grind flour or to pump water.   Sailing ships use wind to push them along.


Image of some washing hanging on a line

Image of washing drying on the roof of a house


Washing on the line is dried by the wind. Of course, it dries even faster is you put it on the roof.





Image of the Beinn Ghlas wind farm in ScotlandHow is the wind used nowadays to generate electricity?


Wind farms are appearing in the countryside and just off-shore. Here is a photo of the Beinn Ghlas Wind Farm in Argyll, Scotland. This wind farm has 14 wind-turbines each providing 600 kilowatts. Some people think that wind turbines look ugly and spoil the landscape and environment. Do you think that is a price worth paying?




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