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the sphere of colour - chromosphere


Just above the photosphere, there is a layer of plasma where the temperature rises from 6,000 oC up to 20,000 oC. This layer is called the chromosphere. The chromosphere can be seen briefly during a total solar eclipse as a flash of red - hence the name.


What does 'chromosphere' mean? - The word 'chromosphere' comes from the Greek word 'chroma' meaning colour


Here is a picture of the Sun taken at a particular wavelength of light: 656.3 nm. This wavelength is associated with hydrogen atoms and is known as H-alpha. This reddish H-alpha light comes mainly from the chromosphere.

The dark patches in the picture are solar prominences.

  H-alpha Sun
Sun blocked

Here, when the Sun is blocked out, you can see the beautiful red colours of the prominences in the chromosphere.




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