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mathematics and physics


Mathematics is the language we use in science to describe the way in which different things around us behave. Physics tells us how things in the natural world behave. For instance, physics tells us the rules that describe the general behaviour of charged particles in a magnetic field and using mathematics we can calculate how precisely a given particle will move in a certain magnetic field.


Mathematics is used to describe everything, from the smallest component of an atom, to black holes and the universe.

The equations that I need to use to describe the Sun can be very complicated, like these equations which describe the way in which particles behave in magnetic and electric fields



These are called Magneto Hydrodynamic (MHD) equations. They are an important set of equations, which I must solve in order to produce models of the solar atmosphere for different conditions.


I can sometimes solve equations by hand, that is with a paper and pen (and my brain), but more often I need to solve them using a computer




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