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Hot news - Hinode




Hinode – SolarB


Visit the new Hinode section on Sun|trek to find out more

Solar-B was launched successfully on 22 September 2006 from the Uchinoura Space Centre in southern Japan. All Japanese space missions are renamed after they have been launched successfully and so this is now called ‘Hinode’, the Japanese for ‘sunrise’.


Louise Harra

Scientists from the UK (led by Louise Harra) are involved in the mission, which will provide unprecedented detail of the Sun’s activity. The Hinode mission has been designed and built by teams in the UK, US and Japan. Hinode will be used to study the interaction between the Sun's magnetic field and its corona, which should aid our understanding of the causes of solar activity.

Hinode will also be used to study solar flares – huge explosions on the Sun. High energy particles, such as protons, shoot out from solar flares and can arrive at Earth within tens of minutes, to be followed a few days later by coronal mass ejections. These huge bubbles of gas threaded with magnetic field lines can cause major magnetic disturbances on Earth, sometimes with catastrophic results. Scientists will use Hinode to investigate the so-called trigger phase of these events.


Hinode in orbit


Hinode is in a near-Earth polar orbit will provide continuous coverage of the Sun for more than eight months of the year. Hinode carries three instruments: the Solar Optical Telescope (SOT), which observes the solar surface and magnetic field in great detail (0.2” spatial resolution), the X-ray Telescope (XRT), which observes the corona and the Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) built in the UK.

Hinode instruments


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Visit the new Hinode section on Sun|trek to find out more


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