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Prominences and Filaments

In Careers in science, Hinode, Latest News, SDO, Space Weather On September 11, 2014 0 Comments

Prominences and Filaments (photo of a prominence by David Evans)  by Jack Carlyle Did you know that the Sun emits a lot of ultraviolet light, UV, as well as… Read More »

Science of Northern Lights Aurora Borealis

In Aurorae, Latest News, Space Weather, Uncategorized On June 20, 2014 0 Comments

Science of the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis by Pål Brekke Sir Edmund Halley suggested the aurora was caused by magnetic liquid evaporating from pores in the polar region… Read More »

Northern Lights, a Magic Light Display

In Aurorae, Latest News, Space Weather On June 20, 2014 0 Comments

Northern Lights, a Magical Light Display by Pål Brekke Folklore about the Northern Lights For thousands of years people in the northern part of the world have marvelled… Read More »