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the Sun's vital statistics


How does the Sun measure up?

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Our Sun  
The Sun's vital statistics  

The star closest to the Earth is the Sun.


Full image of the Sun

As a star, our Sun is classified as a yellow dwarf. That's because with a surface temperature of about 6,000°C the peak of its radiation output is at wavelengths that we describe as yellow and it is also not a giant star! In fact it's a pretty average-sized star. The Sun is also middle-aged. In human terms it is about 40 years old.


It contains mostly hydrogen and helium, as well as small amounts of the other elements such as oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, magnesium and iron.


At the core its temperature is about 15,000,000°C. That's much hotter than on the surface, which is about 6,000°C.



what colour is the Sun? | how hot is the Sun?

how bright is the Sun? | how big is the Sun?

what's the mass of the Sun? | how old is the Sun

what is the Sun made of? | does the Sun rotate?




1,392,000 km





2 x 1030 kg



Distance from Earth


149.6 million km



Orbital time around our galaxy


240 million years



Life time as a yellow dwarf


10 billion years





4.5 billion years


Surface Temperature




How does that compare with the Earth?




just over 109 times the diameter of the Earth




330,000 times the mass of the Earth




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