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how hot is the Sun?

The temperature of the Sun varies depending on which part of the Sun you are talking about.

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Flare blowout

Image credit: SDO/AIA


Rollover the picture below to see the temperature of the Sun in different places.


At the centre of the Sun (its core), the temperature rises to an amazing



The temperature slowly decreases towards the surface where it is about 6,000°C.


However, then something strange happens because, as you go further out, the temperature rises again and can reach well over 1,000,000°C in the corona (the Sun's atmosphere).


More Vital Statistics

To find out more about recent solar observations of the hot solar atmosphere from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) follow this link.


what colour is the Sun? | how bright is the Sun?
how big is the Sun? | what's the mass of the Sun?

how old is the Sun | what is the Sun made of? | does the Sun rotate?




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