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What is Cluser? Satellites & Rockets
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  what do satellites do?
  Newton and gravity
  orbiting the Earth
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  getting into orbit
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  human satellites

satellites and rockets


Image of Robert WalshHello, this is Robert here. I started studying the Sun when I was a young lad at St Andrews University, Scotland. I now work in Lancashire. Over the years I've spent quite a bit of time at the Goddard Space Flight Center, near Washington, USA. This is the operations centre for several NASA space projects.

In this section we learn about how satellites and rockets work.


What do satellites do?

Newton and gravity

Orbiting the Earth

Image of the logo for the Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland, USA

Goddard: rocket pioneer

How do rockets work?

How do rockets work?

Getting into orbit

Getting into orbit

Race into Space

Race into space

Human Satellites

Human satellites


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