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a closer look at solar flares


This is an X-ray picture of the Sun, taken by the satellite YOHKOH. It shows a solar flare happening on the left-hand side of the Sun.


This is not an ordinary X-ray image of the Sun; it's a negative image. The dark areas on the negative display are actually the brightest areas on the Sun and vice-versa. We use this form of display sometimes because it can make it easier to see faint features. Here's what the positive-image version would look like mouse over arrow.


Put your mouse over the faint ‘explosion!’ text below to see how we can see things better in ‘the negative’ sometimes.



mouse over arrow The black, arch-shaped feature on the left-hand side of the Sun is a solar flare, a huge explosion on the Sun. A solar flare can often be much larger than the entire Earth.


Solar flares are the biggest explosions in our solar system






You can see more movies in our Gallery   [Movie file 1mb or more - High quality]

Here is a close up movie of a solar flare in UV radiation taken by the EIT instrument on SOHO.




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